A Brief History

Supers have been around in the world since the Second World War.
In the beginning the level of power was low and the numbers were small.
The numbers and power levels increased slowly over the next 50 years until the arrival of the legend level super beings.
These beings compared to the existing supers like the existing supers compared to normal humans, like gods.
70 years ago these mega supers appeared, few in number on both sides of the good/bad fence, at the time, the general populous believed it was lucky for humanity that their number was so small, as the collateral damage caused when a good and evil mega super fought was staggering.
Not long after the first appearance of super’s in the world, the world governments formed a unilateral task force to monitor and study this new phenomenon. At first this was benign, the old heroes cooperated with their individual governments agencies, and there were even government sanctioned groups that helped protect the normals from super villains. But in time and as the numbers and power levels grew, the gap better human and super became something that the public soon started to fear.
The heroes of the time strived to ensure the public that they were here to help; they began a great time of renewal and technological advancement, in their own attempt to improve humanities lot. But despite the eradication of hunger and poverty, despite the extinction of disease and the extension of human life spans, humanity still held its most primal fear deep inside, the fear of the unknown.
For a time the world was a magical peaceful place. Then an underground movement fuelled by that deep seated fear began eroding at the fabric of society.
It started small, minor groups protesting at ceremonies were the heroes were celebrated, the movement seem to gather and take on a life of its own, it was if something was fuelling it from the shadows, but nothing was ever discovered down this avenue of investigation.
The first riot happened at a gathering to thank the pre-eminent hero group of Australia. In Australia’s capital the group were given the keys to the nation by the prime minister of Australia Jack Sullivan. As the keys were presented a grumbling started in the crowd of onlookers, the first stone was thrown at the prime minister, and then a hail assaulted the heroes. Those that had only moments before been cheering the heroes, now turned violent yelling abuse and threats at those gathered at the podium. The mood changed so dramatically and quickly that the local authorities were completely unprepared.
The supers saw to the safety of the leadership, and then tried to calm the crowd, but each time they approached any particular section of the crowd to talk with them that section seemed to get worse and devolve into aggressive animalism. After this first riot the crime started around the world, and with it chaos and the system started to collapse.
It is unknown who orchestrated the over throw of the system but in hindsight it was a well organised and meticulous exercise. No one established who or if anyone was behind the malaise that seemed to be effecting humanity, only that the supers were immune, which only aided in driving the wedge between the supers and humanity that had not yet succumbed to the insanity.
60 years ago in the throes of the collapse of the human race, a small Antarctic base of the human defence services, detected a large object heading for our solar system. The news of this hit the world like a gong, overnight religious groups sprung up claiming the coming of the world’s saviour, equally as quickly opposing groups sprouted claiming the end of the world was coming. Interestingly the doomsayers were mainly made up of men of science.
Eventually what was left of the governments joined forces to debate this new revelation amongst those assembled were humans and supers alike. In the end it was decide to send a group of envoys to meet these beings in space, several supers were invited, amongst them were three mega supers – Crystal, Nucleaon & Osmium.
The envoys launched from earth in a vessel designed by the mega super technological genius Cryon. They numbered 101. They left earth and screamed through space to meet the visitor at the edge of our solar system, what happened next is best summed up in the broadcast heard by the world from the human defence services Antarctic base

“The envoy’s ship, designated New Hope, has reached its rendezvous point with the visitor….. The visitor’s ship? Appears to separate and separate, multiplying in number as it closes the distance to the New Hope…..Alarms sounding…..human screams are heard….. the visitors are scanning the ship, their scans are brutal, the envoys are suffering under the assault…… the supers have left the ship to approach the visitors to tell them to stop………..OH no the humanity……….like a swarm the visitors have engulfed the supers…………..there we can see the light displays of Solar as he battles to defend the ship, he is overwhelmed, the mega’s are engaging now this should turn the tide…….there is a swell in the visitor it grows 4 fold………..oh no the ship, its, its lost……………….the last transmission for the ship will arrive shortly………………………………..zzzzzt……It’s a host….argh they are in my head….arrrrrgggghhhhh. ….WE COME, THIS ONE IS CHOSEN TO DELIVER OR WORDS. WE ARE THE TYGLIG…WE COME …….zzzzt……………………………………………………………………………………………………………… wait there is something at the very edge of the swarm, the ship it has burst through, its being pushed by Crystal and Nucleaon, its looks different, it has a shiny hew…….ah Osmium has surrounded the ship to protect it…………..its travelling much faster to return to earth…….”

In the days that followed the broadcast mass panic and hysteria broke out, chaos reigned supreme amongst the general populous. The super’s and mega super’s however put aside their differences old rivals joined forces to formulate a defence of Earth from the Tyglig.
When the New Hope arrived back on earth it crashed into Los Angeles, causing a massive disruption to the San Andreas Fault. It was weeks before news about the survivors of the New Hope was heard by the world, and with this news came horrific descriptions of the Tyglig.
Of the 101 members of the envoy group only 20 survived, of the 20, 18 were super’s. The two human souls whilst they were alive their minds were gone. They were taken to a secure government facility for further analysis.

The supers did not arrive back on earth unscathed; several quietly vanished into the background never to be heard from again. Some suffered breakdowns in the months that followed and were secured away for their protection. Others, it was said, changed their powers affected, they exhibited strange traits. None of those that survived returned the same.

Of them all it was Crystal that became the spokeswoman for the survivors; she always was a charismatic individual.

When the Tyglig arrived on earth all of those that claimed Earth as their home were at war.

It is not known why the Tyglig came to our sector of space, but they did not come in peace. Some believe the mega supers were our saviours, others believe that the supers were somehow responsible for the arrival of the invaders.

The final battle for earth occurred over Australia, after 10 years of war in our solar system and on earth, with all major cities wiped out either due to direct damage from the invaders or collateral damage from the combat between the invaders and the supers of the age. Australia in the end was turned into a blasted wasteland.

Of all the supers only a handful survived the final onslaught of the Tyglig, with the end result being the invaders defeated and driven out of our system.

In the final days of the war Cryon developed the Gatekeeper protocol, a system of mechano-organic defenders, designed to combat the Tyglig. These massive defenders established a perimeter around our solar system to protect the future of humanity from any attack from outside our system.

Cryon’s defenders assisted in the rebuilding of earth, a new great city was constructed over the wreckage of the New Hope, and it was christened New Hope City. When all work was completed, Cryon’s defenders left earth to join the others in defence of the system.

It has been 30 years since the defenders left Earth. Not much is seen of the supers by the general populous, except Crystal of course, she is still revered as the saviour of humanity, treated as royalty of the highest order all over the globe. The anti-super sentiment from humanity seems to have gone since the war. Just the same the remaining supers kept a very low profile, some left earth to join the Patrol Squadron, a group of supers dedicated to patrol the edge of our solar system along with Cryon’s Defenders. Others took up teaching positions. Some entered politics. Some settled down.

The age of supers, for all intense and purposes was over.
Remembrance Day is celebrated around the globe on the same day each year, although the role of the supers in this story has been diluted over the years.
The fear of the unknown has all but disappeared from the general human psyche.
With the continued public work of Crystal, supers were starting to become popular again, there were very few supers left so their perceived threat was thought of as very low.
There is a giant statue, sitting in the central square of New Hope City, it depicts a nondescript Super battling a bazaar being.

20 years ago was born the first new super in over 40 years, his birth was not celebrated, there was a short news article in a local rag, but that was it. The memory of this soon faded. However he was not the only super who re-emerged at this time ……………….

A Brief History

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