Character Creation Rules

Aged between 15 and 30 years (all powers only manifested no more than 10 years ago)
A secret ID is advised but not compulsory
A limitation of must protect the innocent is compulsory (although can be bought at minimum level)
A limitation of uphold good is advised
Either the limitation reluctant killer or cannot kill is required.

A limitation of secret is compulsory at minimum 10pts
Must look Human or have a form that looks Human
30 points of unknown disadvantage is compulsory (this is mine to play with based on your background story)
A background story is compulsory (doesn’t have to be a novel, however I want all the basic stuff: parents, where you lived, where you were born, the manner of your first power manifestation, the reaction to this event by your family/friends strangers, what you do for a living, etc. additionally I want each member to write into their histories that you all know each other and have been operating as a clandestine super groups for the last 6 months – so how you all met, etc.)
Additionally you all know Crystal in some fashion; you all owe her a lot for her assistance to you at some point in your past (what that was or how long ago it happened is up to you).
All players know each other through Crystal.

you have all worked together on numerous occasions either a couple or all of you. the binding factor to all you knowing each other is Crystal. she is like the team leader, mother figure to some, something else to others. you have only been a recognised group for a month and Crystal intends to launch your group to the world stage in a Gala event in New Hope City. please work together to come up with a group name. i am happy to assist as required.
my suggestion is to create characters that you as a person wants to play, but allow for some spare unspent xp to add abilities that will compliment at least one other characters powers. this will allow for a more coherent group power dynamic.
Yep happy with mid 20’s with a later onset of power. I’d even accept very early 30’s. Basis is that the current crop of heroes have not come into their powers long or not been able to effectively use their powers for long.

So first new super baby was born 20 years ago that child would only have been using their powers effectively for 10 years max.

So it would be less time for the players ie 9 years or less.

So all super’s have only been into their powers for a relatively short period, this allows for natural power build of characters

So a gadgeteer works fine for this however I would advise some innate super power related to tech use this is easily explained as ultra high tech perhaps something derived from something the invaders left behind and not claimed by governments or mega corporations. Of course you could always be one of these mega corps

Anything pure super with late on set of abilities would need some back story briefly explaining why the late onset i.e. puberty, accident, contact with alien tech etc.
Character build points = 400 + 100 disads
The compulsory disads don’t count to your disad max ie 100

Character Creation Rules

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